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Welcome to HTexas, your go-to source for everything related to Houston, the great state of Texas, and the most important news from around the globe.

At HTexas, we believe in delivering the news with clarity, depth, and a dash of Texas charm.

Meet the Team

Barney Coleman, a proud native Texan, is the heart and soul behind the news at HTexas. As a seasoned journalist based in Houston, Barney is dedicated to keeping readers informed about the latest issues and events happening across the state.

His deep roots in Texas and his unwavering passion for journalism drive him to cover not only local stories but also major news from around the world. Barney’s commitment to truth and excellence in reporting makes him a trusted voice in the community.

Liam Brown, a Texas University graduate, brings a fresh perspective to HTexas. Based in Texas, Liam covers a wide range of topics including state-wide cultural, political, and lifestyle stories. His aim is to capture the diverse voices and stories that make the Lone Star State unique.

Liam’s insightful and engaging writing style has quickly made him a standout journalist at HTexas. His dedication to showcasing the multifaceted nature of Texas ensures that every story he tells resonates with authenticity and depth.

Our Mission

At HTexas, our mission is simple: to provide our readers with accurate and engaging content. Whether it’s the latest happenings in Houston, statewide events, or significant global news, we strive to deliver the information you need with the quality you deserve.

Thank you for choosing HTexas as your trusted platform. We’re here to keep you informed, enlightened, and entertained.

About Us

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Our writing process is designed with three core principles

Information Gathering

Our team thoroughly researches and gathers relevant information to provide you with accurate and interesting stories.

Creative Writing and Editing

Our talented writers turn information into captivating stories that you will love to read.

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After careful editing, our stories are ready to be published and shared with you on our platform.