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Situated above the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico, a special resort majestically and dramatically jets out of the cliffs.

The Resort at Pedregal is a one-of-a-kind, AAA Five-Diamond, Forbes Five-Star Resort destination, offering impeccable service, surprise amenities, exceptional dining and a luxurious spa. The relaxing ambiance in the rooms is nearly indescribable. Is it the slow trickle of water cascading from the private infinity pools that is so calming or the methodical ebb and flow of the ocean waves?

Each evening beer and
guacamole are a special treat.

Get wedding ready by participating in the wellness retreat, a multi-day fitness experience led by Elite Fitness.  The staff at Elite fitness understands most of Pedregal’s guests have access to the best gyms, trainers, and chefs as part of their daily lives,  so they created an out of the ordinary fitness experience to impress the most discerning participants. It starts when Naturopath Dr. Wendy comes to your room to conduct a private BioFeedback Body Scan. She connects wrists, ankles and head to a computer, it feels kind of like having your blood pressure taken. During the process she asks about lifestyle, heath goals, and diet. She compares body scan results with your goals, identifies deficiencies and offers solid steps for improvement. Her message may be to reduce toxins interfering with the brain and daily functions of vital organs, start intermittent fasting or make new/better dietary choices. Once a baseline and goals are set, it’s time to select activities.

Beach Boot Camp

Wake up early and Elite Fitness will push you beyond your normal workout by combining cardio, weight training, cross training, and more. Although it’s beautiful, the coarse Cabo sand makes easy squats become wobbly, cumbersome and challenging. Throughout the weights, squats and high and low impact exercises, fellow participants motivate and cheer on the group. It’s a team project nobody quits. If the pain starts to win focus on the ocean and your new friends.

Farm to table

Visit a nearby farm where locals and Ex-Pats grow fruit, vegetables and herbs. Enjoy a tour of the gardens, yoga on the farm and a farm to table meal.

Stretch and Breathe

The group stretch and breathe workshop focuses on Foundational breathing. (Breath work is beneficial for men too!) The goal is to open up the chest and back to combat the effects of constant laptop and smart phone usage. A beautiful hike follows with gorgeous views of the Baja. Discover the gravesites of the original family as well as the remains of their first home. Along the way small changes will be discussed: quinoa instead of pasta, chipotle instead of sauce, and steeping your own tea. The recommended dessert is particularly noteworthy — healthy ice cream.


Sunrise and sunset deserve their own salutations, yogi style. Join the Elite Fitness crew on a luxury yacht at the nearby Marina Cabo San Lucas. Your yoga practice commences just as the boat sails past the famous Cabo Arch at Pelicano beach. The onboard workout is a combination of yoga, mat Pilates and sculpting. This combination workout offers the best of both worlds and is great for people on the go who don’t think they have time for yoga and toning. Just as the sand did, the boat offers unique challenges to seemingly simple poses. The bonus in this “is this really happening moment” is watching the sunrise over beautiful Cabo. The evening calls for restorative yoga on the beach. The waves waft off the day’s workout allowing time to consider small lifestyle changes. 


A well-rounded wellness program most certainly calls for spa time. Pedregal’s offering deserves ohhs and ahhs. Luna y Mar spa is built in the shape of a clam opening towards the ocean. The pool is the clam and the circular treatment rooms are the pearls. Each appointment begins with a foot cleansing ritual in a circular room displaying the phases of the moon. (new, full, waxing or waning). Various teas are offered based on the current moon phase. Prior to the signature Moon Phase Massage, take advantage of the steam rooms, saunas, ice room and pools. This treatment changes with the moon as well.  For instance if there is a new moon, treatments will be geared towards awakening and invigorating the body through ingredients which include sea salt and chili oil. In contrast, during a full moon when energy levels are at their highest, a nurturing massage using jasmine and coconut soothes; and during the waning moon the spa creates detoxification treatments using aloe vera and herbs to cleanse the body. 

Fun yoga outfit by Manduka.


Dinner at Pedregal is epic. Start at the Champagne Terrace before taking your ocean-front seat. In true Sea-to-table style, sea bass, tuna, snapper and amberjack round out the fresh options. The fun filled atmosphere is filled with birthdays and special occasion celebrations at El Farallon, one of the best restaurants in the entire Cabo San Lucas area.

Jump-start your wellness routine just in time for the wedding. A few days can make a big difference in your life. Spend them at The Resort at Pedregal and keep your wellness goals on track. 

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