Nourishing Herbal Infusions

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 We all know what tea is and we certainly know what a multivitamin is. What about tea as a multivitamin? 

Well, that’s exactly what a nourishing herbal infusion is!


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There are a few specific plants that, when dried and left to steep in very hot water  (for an upwards of 4-8 hours) transform the water into a mineral and vitamin rich powerhouse.

The science behind it is simple: when the plant is dried the cell wall cracks, allowing the mineral and vitamin rich constituents  to be available.  The next step to get those benefits to us is to put the dried plant matter into a jar with boiling water for a long time. During that time  all the benefits from the plant become infused in the hot water and bio-available to you. (Bio-available is the ability of what you are consuming to be be available to your body after ingesting it as opposed to passing through your body and being excreted without any of the nutrients/vitamins/minerals being used by your body)

When this tea infusion is consumed on a regular basis it provides the daily vitamin and mineral needs for our bodies.

A few important ones are:  Stinging Nettle, Oatstraw, and Burdock Root.  These are nutritive powerhouses!

  • Stinging nettle is amazingly rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, especially the critical trace minerals: anti-cancer selenium, immune-enhancing sulphur, memory-enhancing zinc, diabetes-chasing chromium, and bone-building boron. A quart of nettle infusion contains more than 2000 milligrams of calcium, 15,000 IU of vitamin A, 760 milligrams of vitamin K, 10% protein, and lavish amounts of most B vitamins! There is no denser nutrition found in any other plant. Regular consumption of stinging nettle (2-3 quarts a week) will increase energy, strengthen hair, nails, teeth and bones and will clear and firm skin.
    It will restore elasticity to blood vessels, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, strengthens kidneys and
    bladder, improves digestion, reduces cancer risks, strengthens lungs, balances blood sugar and adrenals.
  • Oatstraw is the herb of longevity. It restores the nervous system, as well as nourishing the heart and moderating cholesterol.  Oatstraw provides lots of protein, 300 milligrams of calcium, all macro and trace-minerals in high amounts, and very high amounts of all B vitamins (except B12). This infusion is a libido enhancer, a mood mellower, an overall good plant to consume when feeling anxious or overly stressed.
    Restless legs? Zapped endocrine system? Needing a pick me up? Make oatstraw infusion a regular part of your    week.
  • Burdock root will help provide optimum nutrition to the glandular and immune systems, liver, kidneys, blood, lungs, and nerves.  Burdock is very high in chromium, iron, magnesium, silicon, thiamine, inulin, cobalt, phosphorus, potassium (766-1680), sodium, tin, zinc, carotenes, vitamin A (7500 IU), aluminum, calcium, manganese, selenium and lappin, a glucoside. This plant cools down “hot” conditions, such as aggression, fever, excess energy, infections, skin conditions,  dry cough and sore throat. It helps with kidney, liver, blood and immunity strength.  Personally, I drink these on a weekly basis and when I do “fall off the wagon” and skip out on my infusions, I certainly notice a difference in energy, mood, and mental clarity.

Stinging nettle has a very deep earthy taste, so to most it’s easier to drink with added honey, or natural sweetener of your choice.  Burdock root and Oat Straw are slightly sweet on their own (in my opinion), however, I tend to have an unusual palate.  So sweeten, add a pinch of  sea salt, or just leave it “au natural,” it’s all good.

The best way to get prepared for your infusion is by purchasing a bulk, fresh supply of dried herb. I suggest starting out with a pound of whichever you choose and drink it 3x’s a week. Within a months time you’ll notice some healthy changes in your hair, skin, nails and energy.

My favorite place to buy bulk herbs is Mountain Rose Herbs. They have fresh, organic, quality products and they ship out fast too.

Life will be much easier in the infusing world if you have a few essentials:

  • A French Press (makes draining out the tea so much easier)  A french press can be found at Starbucks and most tea shops. Amazon is always a good option as well.
  • A quart mason jar with a lid.

So how does one infuse you ask?  Here we go!

  1. In a pot, bring a quart of water to a slow boil.
  2. Meanwhile put a measured amount of 1 cup of dried herb into a quart mason jar.
  3. After the water is heated pour it on top of the herb and make sure you push down any dry plant that moves to the surface and then lid it for 4-8 hours. I usually jar mine up at bed time and drink it in the morning.
  4. When it’s time to drink, pour it into the French Press and press down all the plant bits.
  5. Pour back into your rinsed mason jar and sweeten if needed. You can add ice as well and bottoms up!If you can’t get it all down, you can put the lid back on and it will stay good in the fridge up to 24 hours.

Cheers to good health!

For more information, go to

A fantastic book to further your knowledge of these plants (and a few more) is- Healing Wise -By, Susun Weed

Also, as a side note, please use common sense in any medicinal and supplemental use. It’s rare, but always possible to be allergic to one of these plants. Please use good judgment and listen to your body.