Why is having an investment strategy so important?

Michael Robertson, Chairman and CEO Robertson Wealth Management, LLC

Michael Robertson, Chairman and CEO of Robertson Wealth Management, LLC, and host of “Straight Talk About Money” on 1110AM/KTEK, 5 pm –6 pm, Monday-Friday, has been in the financial industry for 35 years with over $1 billion under management. His expertise is trusted and sought across the nation. His services cover all areas of the wealth management process including investment strategies, retirement planning, risk management, estate conservation, trust services and charitable giving.

Mike, I have lost a lot of money in the market. You mentioned on your show, Straight Talk Money on 1110AM/KTEK, the need to have an investment strategy. Why is that so important?
I think having an investment strategy is a critical piece to the success of any investment program. A strategy is a specific plan made upon sound economic research that guides your investment decisions in good times or bad. It is particularly important in a time like now. Too often, investors make investment decision based on how they feel, rather than an analysis of the facts and the client’s individual needs. A good strategy may help you make better decisions. Ask your advisor today what their strategy for your portfolio is… if they don’t have one, RUN!

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