The Art of Conversation Luncheon

November 18, 2010 by  
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Benefactor: City ArtWorks

The Art of Conversation Luncheon on November 8 ended but the chatter continued as Co-Chairs Cindi Rose and Marcy DeLuna entertained thirty-one engaging leaders and local celebrities.

Many of the conversationalists brought party favors such as books, sauces or discount coupons.  Al Marcus of Grateful Bread and the Farmers Market gave out homemade vanilla and a steak sauce, Ouisie’s Elouise Adams honored everyone with a $25 gift certificate to her restaurant; Artist Dixie Friend Gay gave a print for each of her table guests. Biographer and sports guru, Mickey Herskowitz and Chronicle Lifestyle Editor Molly Glentzer autographed their gifted books.

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