Person | Provenance: Impression Group Show at Esperson Gallery Features Houston Cinema Arts Fest Film Producer’s Still Photographic Art

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Group exhibit will showcase photography by criminal defense attorney Kent Schaffer, forensic scientist-artist Jennifer Hannaford, and new work by Houstonian Kelley Devine

Houston, TX— The Esperson Gallery, located in Downtown Houston’s Mellie Esperson Building (815 Walker Street, Suite 125, at the corner of Travis and Walker Streets), will exhibit “Person | Provenance:  Impression,” from November 1 – December 4, 2013.  The group show will feature photographic work by Houston criminal defense attorney Kent Schaffer, impressionist “police blotter” works on paper by New Yorker Jennifer Hannaford, and charcoal and painted pieces on literature and canvas by Houstonian Kelley Devine.

The nearly all black and white works are grouped to allow the viewer to observe and analyze both close-up and from afar the perceptions created both at first glance and upon more extensive analysis.  The artists’ works help the viewer to evaluate surface reaction versus deeper discernment about the subjects, timing, and circumstances.

Schaffer’s photographic works, which include silver gelatin prints, giclées, and direct aluminum prints, display persons and places that may seem easily identifiable, but in some cases have back-stories that reveal more.  Hannaford, who has for nearly two decades analyzed latent finger prints for crime labs in California, Massachusetts and Texas, creates impressionist works on paper and canvas.  Hannaford utilizes only her fingerprints and black ink to reveal stories of persons who, in many cases, were arrested for standing up for personal beliefs.  Devine creates striking, detailed images of faces, in charcoal, atop literature that ranges from Daniel Yergin’s “The Prize” to more personal documents.

“The images were captured in various countries, and some were shot here in Texas,” said Kent Schaffer.  “They are single moments, or, a grouping of many moments, and the conditions that surround each person or place remain open to interpretation by the viewer.”

Schaffer was also an Executive Producer of, An Unreal Dream: The Michael Morton Story; (directed by Al Reinert) about Texan Michael Morton who was exonerated after serving 22 years in prison for the murder of his wife.  The film, a SXSW 2013 Audience Award winner, will air in 2013-14 on CNN and Discovery Channel, but will first show at the November 2013 Houston Cinema Arts Festival at a separate, Cinema Arts Fest-managed venue during Schaffer’s Esperson Gallery exhibition.

“Kent’s work brings a unique twist to the Esperson show,” said Jennifer Hannaford.  “As for the work I’ll present, each ‘mug shot’ creates its own story of passion and purpose – whether it’s Rosa Parks who stood up for herself and human rights, or on a much lighter side, Jim Morrison, who stood for free speech.  The experiences gained from my work in fingerprint analysis units across the country definitely spurred interest in the motivations of different characters – some heroes, and some classic bad guys.”

Artist Kelley Devine has created new work that will complement the group exhibition via her collection of charcoal-based, intensely detailed faces drawn on literature that has been secured to canvas.

“You can expect some fun pieces to show up on serious works of literature, and some rather intense faces to stare out from fairly lighthearted prose,” said Kelley Devine.  “This is a good preparation for a solo show we’re having in December.”

The artists will attend the opening show – open to the public –on November 1, 2013, at Esperson Gallery.  Schaffer will present a producer’s talk about the film, An Unreal Dream, on a date during the exhibition (to be announced).  To learn more about exhibit or for more information, please visit the Esperson Gallery facebook page or email

Gallery Hours and Information:

Monday and Friday: 11a.m. – 2p.m.

Tuesday – Thursday: 11a.m. – 6p.m.

And by appointment.

Special Saturday and Sunday hours will be held during the Houston Cinema Arts Festival.  Check Facebook for details.



The Esperson Gallery, in Downtown Houston’s Mellie Esperson Building, is located at Walker and Travis Streets.

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