Houston Footlights Presents the Hilarious New Comedy

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Murder at the Maner

Written by: Richard Williamson

Directed by: Ashley Wright & Nicholas Abrams

The members of the Upper Dorking Amateur Dramatic Society from England don’t shy away from a challenge, even though they probably should. The sheer scale of their ambition in producing ‘Murder at the Maner’ is matched only by their incompetence. Setting out on a worldwide tour they bring their acclaimed show (Two Stars from The Upper Dorking Women’s Gazette) to The Venue on West  34th Street, Houston on June 17‐21.

Set in England, 1927 and with preparations underway for the wedding of the decade, the groom is found dead. Was it suicide, or was it perhaps, murder! Could it have been his brother, the fiancee or the maid? Everyone has a motive and everyone is a suspect in a classic whodunnit farce. All will become clear (hopefully) as we welcome you to Houston Footlights hilarious new comedy, “Murder at the Maner“.

Venue: The Venure on West 34th Street

Dates: 17–21 June

Time: 20:00 (1h10)

Tickets: $15.00

Age Suitability: All ages

Box Office: Tickets can be purchased via the website www.houstonfootlights.com

Venue Address: 2317 W. 34th Street, Houston, Texas, 77018


One Response to “Houston Footlights Presents the Hilarious New Comedy”
  1. uhnm11 says:

    I heard it’s a little… tacky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6i_MXp9Dfs

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