Deux Amis—Amenez s’il vous plaît votre chéquier

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Nov. 3 -10 Exhibit Showcases Friendship Built through Art

When internationally renowned artist and sculptor David Adickes happened into Justin Garica’s contemporary art studio, neither artist knew that four years later the two would be working together to bring Houston an exhibit that celebrates friendship between artists—the relationships that inspire creativity.

“Deux Amis — Amenez s’il vous plaît votre chéquier,” a joint art exhibition featuring the newest works of both Adickes and Garcia, will be on display November 3 thrugh10 at Scultpturworx, located at 2500 Summer Street in Houston.

The public is also invited to the opening reception from 6-9 p.m on Saturday, Nov. 3, and the closing reception from 6-9 p.m.on Saturday, Nov. 10.

“The key to why we’re doing this show is the respect we have for each other’s work,” Garcia said. “After we met, had lunch and sort of measured each other up, we realized we saw eye-to-eye on a lot of the same things, which with artists, doesn’t happen often. We respect each other in this industry and the people we are outside of art.”

“Deux Amis” (Two Friends) will feature paintings by Adickes’ and Garcia’s Exploration series, which both focus on a their reverence for architecture. “We’re both trying to feel out the actual places we’ve been in our art,” Garcia said.
Garcia uses lots of textures to create an old world feel in this series. “I used to see buildings for use — you come in and you go out. But once I began to travel extensively, my eyes were opened to their grandness,” he explained.

The show will include a few new pieces Garcia has created that feature Adickes’ sculptures.

“I’ve always viewed David as an icon for his art but also as an entrepreneur and for his business ethics,” said Garcia. “A few of my new pieces communicate my respect for what he has accomplished.”
Born in Huntsvile, Adickes art career as both painter and sculpture spans six decades. His works have been featured in numerous one-man shows as well as in many museums, corporate and private collections.
The artist is well known for his grand-scale concrete sculptures of famous musicians, heroes and U.S. presidents. His 72 foot high statue of Sam Houston in Huntsville is visible for miles around. His paintings feature groups of figures, landscapes and still lifes. His signature figures, dubbed “the Adickes men” by biographer A. Cantey were later described as “stunning canvases that are painted with virtuosity that is compelling” by author James A. Michener.
A native Houstonian, Justin Garcia began painting murals for clients at the age of 12.  His signature style combines oils, acrylics and textures on canvas. He sees his art as the doorway to discovering the answers that lie behind our innate curiosity.

His works have been installed in corporate collections including Chevron, Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas and St. Lukes Hospital – The Vintage in Houston, Westin Hotel – Memorial City in Houston, and the Mayor’s Conference Room at Houston City Hall. Garcia is currently represented by Wade Wilson Art Houston and Wade Wilson Art Santa Fe.

Garcia often donates to local charities such as the Arthritis Foundation, Artists for Haiti, San Jose Clinic, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society and The Houston Ballet. In 2009, he was created an art program for the National Juvenile Arthritis Conference where he taught abstract expressionism to more than 75 teenagers.
For more information about David Adickes, visit For more information about Justin Garcia, visit

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