Dawn & Deepa Announce Launch of Online Children’s Jewelry Store

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Modern take on classic designs intended to change the way consumers view and use children’s jewelry

Dawn & Deepa, LLC. is pleased to announce the launch of their new online children’s jewelry store, dawndeepa.com. With a modern take on classic designs, Dawn & Deepa pieces are high in quality and intended for children to wear any day. The collection, for newborns to children age 16, includes handmade sterling silver bangles, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

“We adorn our children with pretty jewels for weddings and parties so why not for any occasion?” said Dawn Bakun, principal, Dawn & Deepa. “We are trying to change the way consumers view and use children’s jewelry. We like to think of it as an everyday luxury.”

Children’s jewelry has become increasingly fashionable over the last ten years. Research indicates that consumers are looking for variety and for less traditional styles when it comes to children’s jewelry. A limited selection is the most common barrier for not making a purchase.

“Parents see their children as a reflection of themselves and want them to look great,” said Deepa Mireles, principal, Dawn & Deepa. “Additionally, children are much more knowledgeable and selective about what they wear.”

“Children are an underserved segment of the jewelry market,” said Mireles. “We look forward to sharing our collection.”

For more information, visit dawndeepa.com or call 866-728-2775. Inquires from retailers interested in carrying the Dawn & Deepa line should be emailed to info@dawndeepa.com.

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