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April 17, 2020 by  
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Internet Advisor is offering $1K to hear the unfiltered thoughts of one (1) lucky winner whose working life has been changed by COVID-19. They are accepting applications now.

Here’s how it works: Take the survey and enter the competition for the chance to win $1K in cash. The winner will also receive a $100 Netflix gift card and a winner’s kit with Internet Advisor swag. It’s that easy. All they ask is that our applicants give their honest thoughts and opinions, no matter what they are. Applications are open until Thursday, April 23.

Working environments, routines and situations have changed for many as a result of COVID-19. Many are out of work, some are now working from home and some are juggling work with homeschooling children. We want to hear about people’s experiences and ease the burden for one lucky winner.

Good luck!! Here is the application link

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