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With reality shows like “The Apprentice,” “American Idol” and “Survivor,” we’ve become accustomed to the weakest (and sometimes the strongest) link being removed from the competition. The strongest candidate may have been extricated from the program because of the threat he/she posed, and many of the mediocre contestants are the ones that take the cake.

I often wonder how much a contest could have grown had he/she had the opportunity to finish the program. Usually, we never know.

This is no longer the situation with the pilot reality series “Xtreme Entrepreneurs,” based right here in Houston. A win-win program that embraces the entrepreneurial spirit of Space City, USA, “Xtreme Entrepreneurs” offers participants interested in expert advice the opportunity to make their dreams of a successful business a reality.

Truly giving the American public a positive viewing experience, Creator Stuart Weinstein is focusing on the success stories rather than the waning economy. The candidates work together, as a team with the Houston experts, to find solutions for their business problems. And, no one is voted off — everyone has the same opportunities to learn and change together.
Now, isn’t that a refreshing change? Through hard work, perseverance and a true entrepreneurial spirit, the viewing public will be given the chance to not only watch, but also learn along with the participants.
Truly, a win-win situation.

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