Top Chiropractor: Dr. Brenda Hassebrock

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Dr. Brenda Hassebrock
2584 Fondren Road
Houston, TX 77063
(713) 780-8343

Dr. Brenda helps people overcome pain and prevent that pain from returning. With 19 years of experience, her clinic enlists a comprehensive approach of chiropractic care, massage therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and nutrition to tackle declining health.

“My favorite thing is when patients return to activities they were unable to do. I have one patient who has suffered for years with muscle pain, migraines, and lack of energy. Since we started, she no longer has headaches, her muscle pain is almost gone, and she is able to read a story to her daughter at night . . . without falling asleep!”

With patients ranging in age from 4 to 91, Dr. Brenda’s philosophy is, “Chiropractic therapy adds years to your life, and life to your years!”

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