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What Do You Think the Next Big Thing Will Be?

Mimi Dinh

As we settle into 2002, we, as a trend-seeking society, can’t help but begin to wonder what is going to be the next big thing. In the retail trade, companies even hire “trendologists” or “cool hunters” to comb the streets and malls to spot cool fronts. What will the buzzword be? “Hybrid cars for clean driving” “Ginger” (a.k.a. “It”), the scooter that simulates our body’s ability to sustain balance? Or “Web phones?” Mine is not so much a prediction but an expression of excitement for the continued advancement of technology. It has brought us the wonderful world of Internet, which will spread the good news of democracy and human rights much more powerfully than any bombs or tanks. And everyone on the planet will have the greatest access to news, information and ideas, which will make the world more easily accessible.

As recent events rocked our world and challenged our comfort zone, our optimism and the way we predict our future also have changed. Katherine Knorr, deputy editor for the International Herald Tribune, sums it up eloquently: The only honest prediction, of course, is to foresee more of the same. That means a rapidly changing world that we nevertheless recognize, interrupted by something big – perhaps good, perhaps bad, perhaps both- that no one will have foreseen.? It’ll be interesting to see which prediction will come true as time goes by. Meanwhile, let the debate begin.

Unfortunately, the next big thing will be continual discord in the world and in an economy that will never reach the affluent 2000s.
Shirley Barr, chairman, Shirley Barr Public Relations

If it hasn’t already happened at the time this column is printed, I think that most journalists are anxiously waiting the capture of Osama bin Laden, either alive or dead. That event, although it would not be the end of world terrorism, would be a major victory in the coalition battle against world terror.
Donna Savarese, anchor/reporter, Channel 39 KHWB

The next big thing to hit us here in Houston in 2002 is value. Houston has survived many obstacles, and the one ahead of us in 2002 involves several economy issues. Value has always been a focus of our business, and we will continue to express that focus to our customers. We believe that value, along with great customer service, will establish us as the perfect neighborhood establishment.
Timothy E. Myers, vice president of operations, Sherlocks/Baker Street Pub & Grill

Ironically, I think the next big thing will be a movement to try to find the next big thing. We have a knack for always trying to predict what huge event or trend may next befall humanity. But try though we might, we can never really know. Neither the ways of nature, nor any of its subparts, can ever be adequately determined. So let’s wait and see.
Derek Menchan, cellist and arranger/owner, Menchan’s World of Mruzick/solo cellist, OrchestraX

Spirit.  I think that is going to be the catchword of 2002 – reigning in the spirit of our country, community and family. I think connecting with people is going to become more and more important, and we are going to see a rebirth of organizations and groups that have seen a decline in memberships in recent years. A networking group I belong to, Houston Area Professional Express Network, has recently seen an increase in the number of guests each month and is now starting to translate (the numbers) into new members of our group. I think people are feeling a need to belong to a group where they are cared about and respected.
Myrleen Parlette Knott, vice president, Buffalo Flange, Inc.

The next big thing will be tours and cruises using huge airships.
Kim Coffman, photographer/owner, Kim Coffman & Associates

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