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What Are Your Summer Vacation Plans?

by Mimi Dihn

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to escape from the daily grind to somewhere tropical for a slice of beachside heaven. Some place warm and exotic where I can shop in floating markets, lose myself in the coral reefs and discover fragrant wildflowers. Somewhere I can relax in a competition-size pool surrounded by cabanas, with an azure blue sea nearby, where the only sounds are from the waves and the occasional call of a seagull. On the other hand, just anywhere there is a beach and white sand would be heavenly right this moment.

I’m going to be planning a wedding! My fiancé, Ramon, and I are going to be married on Aug. 31. I work for The Orange Show, so that means March and April are nothing but planning for the Pennzoil Art Car Weekend, which is going to be really fun this year. That means I have four months after that to plan a big party for friends and family. We went to Tahiti last summer and may return for our honeymoon. That is one decision I look forward to making. Planning a honeymoon is like planning for no other trip.

Christine Jelson, development director, The Orange Show Foundation

I’m planning a trip to La Habana, Cuba! I want a chance to experience the island before the Castro regime falls and it is opened to U.S. citizens.

Raul Herrera, general manager, Liberty Noodles restaurant

First, a river cruise with my husband through Belgium and Holland with a day at the Floriade, a 160-acre horticultural exhibition near Amsterdam presented only once every 10 years. Second, Hong Kong Fashion Week, a whirlwind of designer fashion shows and trend-forecasting seminars with my HCC fashion students and a group of businesswomen from the Federation of Houston Professional Women.

Kay King, fashion and interior designer department chair, Houston Community College

I will be going on some business trips to New York and Arizona. I also have plans for a pleasure trip, probably where there is a beach.

Bradley Marks, vice president, I.W. Marks Jewelers

My husband, our 5-month-old son and I are cruising up the Intracoastal Waterway. We just bought an Eastbay – 49 and are taking her on her maiden voyage. We’ll start in the Bahamas and then swing back over to Florida to begin the journey, with the final stopping point to be Maine.

Tanya Lapinski Murphy, president, TQR for Men

We’re planning a trip to New York City and possibly a week in Peru.

Bill Burge, director of operations, Cities

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