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Rocket Pad
At home with Roger and Debbie Clemens
by Sharon Brier

When he’s not setting records and striking out opposing batters, Roger Clemens unwinds with his family at his Houston-area home.

New York Yankees’ ace pitcher Roger Clemens is a household name not only in Houston, but throughout the world of baseball. Known by his fans as “The Rocket,” Roger is a six-time Cy Young award winner for best pitcher in his league, the only baseball player to hold that distinction.

The winding road that leads to his family’s cul-de-sac home is worth all the turns it takes to get there. Their 15,000-square-foot home is a testament to their lives and reflects the love they have for baseball and each other. Beyond the size and beauty of the home in the Piney Point-area, a touch of the front doorbell informs you that you have reached the big leagues as a recorded voice booms over the intercom, “Welcome to the Clemenses’ residence.” This is just one of the many unexpected and original items in the home that 10 years ago took three years to build. The view of the grounds is spectacular, if not amazing. The guesthouse is tucked behind a cave-like pool where a waterfall gushes down gigantic boulders. A padded jogging trail winds around the property, passing by Roger’s outdoor batting cage, which is complete with a regulation pitcher’s mound. The house and grounds are so beautifully manicured that it takes seven people to run the compound and keep it in good condition.

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