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A decade ago, a makeover merely included a new wardrobe, a different hairstyle and professionally applied makeup. However, in an era of cosmetic surgery and reality shows, society has become accustomed to medical procedures as a means to enhance one’s natural beauty and perfect bodily imperfections. Now makeovers span the spectrum from new shoes to new smiles. Noting the popularity of these makeovers, H Texas magazine decided to jump on the Ultimate Makeover bandwagon and offer one to our readers. For two months, information was available to readers on the website and in the magazine.

During this period, we received numerous nominations from husbands, family, friends and the contestants themselves. The contest’s popularity came as no surprise as the staff shifted through an onslaught of entries from the Ultimate Makeover contestants. From this large group of applicants, H Texas narrowed the selection down to four final nominees. The four candidates chosen for the Ultimate Makeover are Nikki, Bevin, Sarah and Robin. Each woman hopes to receive the makeover for a different reason, but all hope to accomplish the same goal: improving their self-confidence.

For Nikki, her husband’s nomination came as a request to reward his wife for her role as caregiver to their three daughters. “I want it for my wife because she has given herself to this family so selflessly,” her husband Scott said.

Bevin entered herself into the contest, but friends seconded the nomination with letters of their own. Bevin hopes to receive the makeover as a means to look her best and celebrate recently overcoming obstacles in her life. “I’m realistic. I’m not looking for a major transformation; I just want to be my best,” Bevin wrote to us.

Sarah, a mother of three, wants to renew the confidence she had in her appearance earlier in life and erase the self-consciousness she adopted as a young model. And Robin’s goal is to “stop looking like a new mother, and start looking like a hot momma.” She feels that with all of the attention she gives her son she has neglected her appearance and wants to change that.

Ready to accomplish the task is the Ultimate Makeover team, a talented and skilled staff that includes cosmetic dentist John H. Krell, D.D.S. of Houston Cosmetic Dental and plastic surgeon Donna C. Rich, M.D. of Bayview Plastic Surgery. Both doctors gladly agreed to provide their services, as both expressed an interest in helping their patients gain confidence in their appearance and raise self-esteem.

Dr. Rich believes that cosmetic surgery increases esteem and confidence, as noted in her patients. She signed on to this project in order to “make a difference in someone’s life that may not have had the opportunity to otherwise have plastic surgery.” Dr. Krell agrees that cosmetic surgery can change people’s lives. “A confident, beautiful smile makes a positive statement,” he says. After a procedure Dr. Krell gives the patient a mirror, and immediately he/she sees a transformation, “At their next visit our team usually gets two ultimate compliments, one is a “Thank you, I love my smile” and second is referring us to their friends and family.”

In addition to the cosmetic surgery, the recipient receives a manicure and pedicure from Roula’s Nail Salon, and Avant Garde Hair Salon will provide a new hairstyle and makeup. The final candidate will be chosen this fall. Keep checking and reading the magazine for updates on the Ultimate Makeover.

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