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Hey ? Take Care of This For Me, Would Ya?

For three years now, Jasmine Quintero has been running an unusual sort of business. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a personal assistant, then you’ll love this service. My Personal Assistant takes care of all the tasks and chores that fill your to-do list and make you crazy. Quintero performs many of the duties that crowd our busy lives and ultimately rob us of the joy of free time.

You know what I mean — the nuisance jobs, the ones that take time and energy, leaving you tired and anxious at the end of the day. Some of the services offered include feeding and walking your dog, checking your house and mail when you are out of town, paying your bills and making sure your maid shows up. This company manages the minutiae of everyday living, leaving you with the energy and time to spend on the things that really count — family, friends, sleep, etc.

One thing that is unique about this company is that it is completely Internet-based. As a client, you first check the company’s Web site to decide which of its many services you want. Then, you order. As the tasks are performed, you receive an e-mail confirmation and an e-mail follow-up.

“I love to run errands,” says Quintero. And many people are glad to hear it. She provides services to a broad spectrum of clients who include single moms, busy executives and anyone who has extra income and is willing to pay for the privilege of personal assistance.

Thus far, the most unique errand she has faced was a request to find “unique gifts” for a bachelorette party. It seems the maid of honor knew the bride wanted “funny” items but didn’t know where to find them. Quintero stepped in, and the party was a huge success.

Another request came in the form of an autographed Tina Turner album. It took Quintero three months, but she finally found it. The company also offers airport shuttle service for a charge 30 percent less than what a taxi service costs. And as a bonus, you get to ride in a Durango instead of a taxi.

When testing My Personal Assistant, I sent the company to the west side of town to pick up some kitchen tiles, which I requested then be transported to my back porch. And like clockwork, the tile was delivered to my home. This represented a terrific savings in time for me because I wasn’t familiar with the tile store and had no time to go there anyway. You won’t believe what I was charged — $25. I estimate the savings in my time and effort to be at least $80. Now that’s value.

What won’t they do? “Pick up your kids from school,” says Quintero. “And, oh yeah, we won’t break the law. You have to do that yourself.”

So for those of you who have more chores than time to complete them, bookmark www.mypersonalasst.com as one of your favorites.

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