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Main Street certainly hit its stride during the Super Bowl, and as we fought the crowds to see what all the fuss was about, Opus did not disappoint. Making our way past the crowd at the door, the evening got off to a good start when the doorman pointed to me and said, “You and whoever’s with you can come in.”

This unique club is located at 412 Main in the 1940s-built edifice that formerly housed the State National Bank. All signs of former tenants are gone, and the new owners, local brothers Santosh, Sanjan and Selin Varughese, have created some distinct and unique attributes.

Spanning three floors, Opus is like three bars in one: a high-energy club, cozy lounge and relaxing bar. As you enter the club, the big bar off to your left has 30 imbedded flat panel screens. Stop by and get a drink before heading straight to the dance floor.

If you’d rather watch people dance than join in, there is a set of stairs in the middle of the room that take you up to either the left or the right side of the second floor. Once you are there, you have a fantastic view of the dancing queens below.

If a more intimate setting is your thing, head downstairs where private alcoves offer bottle service, personal attention and chocolate confections.

The music is what you’d expect at one of downtown’s newest and hottest clubs, ranging from funky lounge to progressive house to hip-hop and high-energy top-40 tunes. The Varughese brothers’ goal was to create an edgy, sleek, visceral and hip destination – and they did.

With custom-designed plush furnishings and creative use of various materials, textures and technology, Opus is making a bold statement in both the Houston and national nightclub scene. H

412 Main St.

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