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Many months ago, we formed the H Texas Ultimate Makeover Team of Dr. John Krell, smile-reconstruction extraordinaire; Dr. Donna Rich, plastic surgeon expert; Todd Ramos, fashion authority and editor; Sophia, makeup maven; Roula’s Nail Spa; the ‘it’ pampering and sanitary mani/pedi palace; and Avant Garde Spa, the haute spot for hair. We then asked readers to nominate themselves and others for a complete makeover, including plastic surgery, dental reconstruction, hair, clothes and makeup.

We were then inundated with pleas for makeovers from these professionals. Ranging from men to women, young to old, thin to pudgy and desperate to willing, H Texas readers requested to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Through a difficult decision process and from the hundreds of applicants, we chose four candidates for further consideration and a more in-depth interviewing process.

As our team joined forces to decide which lucky reader would be ultimately transformed, it found narrowing the applicants down to just one finalist quite difficult. And that’s where we left it a couple of months ago. Nikki (who you will hear about in the next issue) was the final choice for the H Texas Ultimate Makeover, but our three runners-up got to experience almost as much glitz and glam (minus the plastic surgery).

Bevin, a young, single woman looking to radiate her inner beauty, definitely stood out from the crowd. “I would really love a makeover so that people will see my inner beauty shine through a pretty face and a great smile,” writes Bevin in her original request. Through the course of the makeover, we could see her sun-shiny personality in every interaction we had with her – and then she got a new smile!

She told us to, “Please know that every morning as I am brushing my beautiful smile, I thank God for you and Dr. Krell for helping to answer one of my prayers.” Mario Romero at Avant Garde said he was going to give her hair more lift and take it back to one color while Sophia decided to go with plum hues for her makeup. To top it off, while she was at the salon, the Fox 26 H Report crew popped in to film the transformation for a Friday morning broadcast. A makeover, a model and a TV star – all in one day.

Sarah, a former model and now loving mother, felt that she had let herself go. In her application she writes, “I have no idea what style is anymore, and my oldest daughter reminds me of that!” Her confidence level had hit the dirt, yet she was eager to pick it back up again. Whatever age, or size, or length of hair, Sarah is a beautiful woman – we just needed to remind her of that. Although she was not selected for the plastic surgery portion of the makeover, Sarah decided to go ahead and take the plunge on her own through our team member Dr. Rich. She also got to be the star for a day, receiving a spectacularly spoiling manicure and pedicure from Roula’s Nail Spa, shopping for a new style to best complement her new look with fashion professional Todd Ramos and posing for a photo shoot with nationally known photographer Debbie Porter. And for her hair and color, it’s perfect.

Speaking of the experience, she says, “I had a blast, and I am a blonde now! The outfit was awesome; I felt so beautiful during the shoot.” And she is. Robin, a young mother, put her style on hold for her dear son. This self-declared “frumpy mommy” writes before the makeover, “I used to be something to look at, and now all the attention I get is from my one year old little boy!” She was eager to find a new look, to go from a style-be-gone mother to a “hot mama.”

The $200 that Foley’s gave each of the three contestants for a new wardrobe and the time Todd Ramos spent with her, helped Robin to decide on a fashion avenue to pursue and transform her into a hip hottie. After the makeover, she declared, “I had so much fun, and I loved everything they did to me.” Thanks to the H Texas Ultimate Makeover Team, this stylish diva is ready to hit the town with a new look and an improved outlook. We welcome ophthalmologist Marc Sanders, M.D., F.A.C.S. and cosmetic and restorative dentist MaryKaren Matt, D.D.S. to the H Texas Ultimate Makeover Team for our upcoming Ultimate Makeover.

Thanks to: John H. Krell, D.D.S., 3900 Essex Lane, Ste. 1130, (713) 877-1775,; Donna Rich, M.D.; Bayview Plastic Surgery, 17625 El Camino Real, Ste. 250, (281) 286-1000; Roula’s Nail Spa, 3017 Kirby, (713) 528-8500,; Avant Garde Spa, 3055 Sage Road, Ste. 150, (713) 877-9700

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