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A different take on bridal registry

The Registry
The bridal registry has helped set up plenty of households over the years. In the early days, many people came straight from their parents’ homes when they got married, so they needed towels, bed sheets, toasters, silverware and everything to set up a household. Because many of us are getting married at an older age, that’s not always the case. We’ve been in the workforce and already decorated our homes. For other couples, this is the second, third or fourth (consider therapy) time around or more. So, what do you register for, if anything? Here are some ideas to make sure people really get what they want and what they need.

The All-Expense Paid Honeymoon
They don’t have one already and you know it’s the right color. Best of all, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to help get it. Couples can register their honeymoon because they already have pots and pans and three toasters.

It’s done through a bank and the travel agency. Registry information denotes where a check should be sent. Many times, a pre-addressed and stamped envelope is included. The bride keeps a running tally of how much is given, who gave and the money is protected. If it comes up short, “something” applied to your trip is better than nothing, but most of the time there is money left over.

Thank you cards can be in the form of a picture of you two at your honeymoon destination.

I’ll Drink to That
Do you love wine? Always wanted a wine cellar? Here’s a way to build it quickly: have a “build the wine cellar” event or registry. I actually did this for one of our couple’s showers, but it is also a good idea for a registry. It was neat to see how many people researched the wine they bought. Since it was a gift, people made a point of bringing a really special bottle of wine. Of course, a few of my friends showed up with Ripple, Mad Dog 20/20 and Boone’s Farm. I made sure that’s what they were served at the reception.

Love is Kind
I have several friends who are successful and don’t need a thing. Despite their success, most wedding guests want to celebrate their union by giving gifts. Instead of a bridal registry, they had guests send donations to a center for women and children fleeing domestic violence. Another couple had people send donations in the name of cancer research, since the bride’s mother had passed away from the disease a few months before the wedding. Even when you say, “no gifts please,” many people want to do something. Why not make it benefit someone else in need? After all, love is kind and giving.

A House is not a Home
A house is not a home until you have bought it. Otherwise, it’s a real emotional let down to decorate a house just the way you want it, only to watch your landlord put a “For Sale” sign in the yard and you have to move. The problem is, not everyone can afford a house. One couple I know went to a store for the bridal registry and didn’t really need many of the items available. The bride asked the groom, “What else do we need?” He said, “Nothing. What we really need is a house.” They left the store and registered for their down payment. They received about $50,000. On their first anniversary, they held an open house and treated their guests to a party as a way to say, “Thank you. No gifts please.”

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