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A smile is worth a thousand words, so that’s where we decided to start for the Ultimate Makeover for Kathy. The 35 year old has been drinking coffee since she was eight and says the habit had left her teeth less than pearly white. “My grandmother would give me a half a cup of coffee when I was young,” she says, “and I’ve been drinking it all my life.” Her teeth were already straight, so with the help of MaryKaren Matt, D.D.S., many years of yellow coffee stains were instantly erased in one hour through a Zoom! In-Office Whitening System procedure, leaving Kathy with a perfect smile.

Kathy arrived at 10 a.m. for the treatment and was led to the dentist’s chair. Typically, she says she is daunted by the dentist’s office; however, Dr. Matt and her staff made her feel comfortable and at ease. “Before they did anything, Dr. Matt held a porcelain tooth next to my mouth that matched my teeth,” she says. “When everything was over, she held the same tooth up again to show me the difference of my [now whitened] teeth, and it didn’t match at all.”

Through the Zoom! In-Office Whitening System the clinician first isolated Kathy’s lips and gums. Zoom! Whitening Gel was then applied to her teeth and was activated by a specially designed light, which removes deep stains and discoloration. A five-minute fluoride treatment was applied as a finishing touch, and by lunchtime, Kathy was ready to go. With her teeth now shades whiter, Kathy says she will only drink coffee through a straw because she wants to make her bright smile last. The precaution, however, might be unnecessary because the treatment usually lasts at least a year, so keep on smiling Kathy!

Look for Kathy’s new fashionable eyewear in an upcoming issue, courtesy of Marc Sanders, M.D., F.A.C.S. H

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