Magic Mice

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Magic Mice
Make a Merry Morsel
Photo by Laurie Perez

These chocolate critters have the power to turn your little devils into angels over the Holidays.  Get the kids away from their electronics and into the kitchen for some hands-on creativity that everyone can enjoy. Recipe follows.

Fun to make, fun to eat and a big party hit, these mice are a great way to kick off the holiday season. Adults and children obsess over this arts and crafts dessert.

What you need:

1 package Hershey’s Kisses®, unwrapped
2 Table spoons Crisco Oil
2 packages Chocolate Chips
Almond Slivers
2 packages of Oreos
Marciano cherries with stem
Decorative Icing:
Red and green in a tube

Put chocolate chips in double boiler over medium heat and fold Crisco into them as they melt.

• Separate Oreo cookies carefully so the white filling stays on one wafer, discard the unfrosted side. The white frosting is your snow.

• Create assembly line with Oreo, chocolate, cherries, kisses almonds and icing.

• Dip a cherry in the chocolate and place it on the snow.

• Gently press a Hershey’s Kiss against the cherry until it adheres to the melted chocolate.

• Dip one end of an almond sliver into chocolate and hold against the flat part of the Kiss until it sticks in place as an ear, repeat for other ear. • Use a toothpick to dip in colored icing and dab on the eyes and nose.

Place on tray and cover with plastic.  Unveil for your holiday party.

Makes 50

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