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Locks of Giving
by Phaedra Friend

Returning from summer break during college, I found my friend lacking her long spiral locks. With a new, hip cut, she told me about the charity to which she donated her hair. Locks of Love is a unique not-for-profit organization that provides hair pieces for financially disadvantaged youth who suffer long-term medical conditions which result in hair loss.

I was ultimately impressed by my friend’s sacrifice and remembered it as I got ready to cut my own hair. I knew that I wanted a shorter style and to donate to Locks of Love – I just had a little research and a ton of growing to do before my big day. Locks of Love requires at least 10 inches of hair for donation, but prefers 12, which can take a while to cultivate. Collecting my hair into a ponytail and measuring it every couple of weeks, I felt like I was a child again, getting my height measured.

Locks of Love was founded in 1997, and the benefits have been immeasurable. Providing self-esteem to children, custom wigs are handmade entirely of donated human hair. Whether the recipients are children who are survivors of cancer or alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition with no known cure, the new wigs help to ease the trials of living without hair. While Locks of Love takes financial donations, this charity is distinct as more than 80 percent of the hair donations come from children.

Although I knew I was in for a big change aesthetically, I also knew I was making a change for the better. I couldn’t imagine trying to muster through junior high again, especially without hair. I chose a fantastic salon with a knowledgeable staff to create the perfect and painless transformation. I am thrilled with my wispy coiffeur, and I know that I made a difference in someone’s life.

If you are interested in helping, please visit www.locksoflove.org or call (888) 896-1588.

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