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Every year, thousands of brides- and grooms-to-be gather with their closest friends to celebrate the end of filing taxes as “single” for a tradition known as the bachelor/bachelorette party. It is seemingly engrained in American culture that the bright lights of Las Vegas serve as the perfect backdrop for such a memorable experience. There are even a few mildly clever advertisements promoting this, along with the allure of public humiliation and other memories that apparently should be left behind in Sin City. Recently, more and more couples have been combining their respective parties into a unified coed bachelor/bachelorette party.

The notion of having your fiancé along on a bachelor/bachelorette party might sound absurd at first, but it’s also interesting. Friends always fear the loss of contact with a companion who is about to wed, and this experience can help to allay those fears. Combining the parties can actually bring both groups together and give the future spouses a chance to befriend their respective future friend-in-laws. A bachelor/bachelorette party can build lasting connections between the groups. Of course, some of the more publicized vices that go along with bachelor/bachelorette parties and Las Vegas can have adverse effects on this goal, so proceed with caution.

Las Vegas offers a number of activities that are ideal for bachelor/bachelorette parties — from poker tournaments to rooftop clubs overlooking the night lights of the strip. The myriad of activities at everyone’s fingertips in Vegas are enough to satisfy the group of partiers, gamblers or who knows what else. While it is costly, there are a number of clubs that offer bottle service to a reserved table, which is always a great way to make conversation between the two groups. Make a special effort to get both groups in on a private group poker tournament. These can be set up easily; just ask any of the friendly pit bosses in a poker room during off-hours. The rivalries and friendships that ensue from a rousing game of poker can create fond memories of the trip, even amongst a table of amateur players. The possibilities are endless; many activities can be found just from walking around the strip.

There are many aspects of Las Vegas that make it a prime bachelor/bachelorette destination, but the concept of such a party is not exclusive to Southern Nevada. In fact, it can be done in many places. A large city ensures that when the groups are separated, no one will run into each other. The destination of choice also needs a wide variety of activities. Having lots of attractions is helpful when the two groups spend time together, as it will be easier to find a universally agreeable activity rather than compromising for hanging out at the Red Lobster off of the highway.

A joint bachelor/bachelorette party can be a very memorable experience with the proper planning. As the big last night is being planned, there is always room for a new spin on old ideas. And that is what the concept of a bachelor/bachelorette party is all about — creating something new and memorable.

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