Jackson Hicks

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Jackson Hicks
Caterer, owner of The Corinthian
by Todd Ramos

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jackson Hicks studied music and social sciences at Baylor University. Listed as Houston’s top caterer in the Houston Business Journal 15 times, he has entertained for more than two decades. With a reputation for being the best of the best for his innovative cuisine, crisp service and infamous attention to detail, Hicks is in a league of his own. He defines elegance and sophistication and lends his knowledge to spectacular events, locally and nationally. Houston’s catering icon is a rare distinguished gentleman with exquisite taste, charm and style.

What are some of the most important events you have done?
The opening of the Wortham, the opening of the Menil Collection, the Winter Olympics in ’87 and ’88 and the opening of the George Bush Presidential Library are some

Out of all the events you’ve catered, who are the most famous people you have met?
Queen Elizabeth and several presidents at a State Dinner in Austin: Ford, Carter, Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton

What is this fall’s must-have?
A Ralph Lauren or YSL scarf

What is your favorite classic movie?
“Citizen Kane”

What is the last movie you watched?
“Philadelphia Story” with Katharine Hepburn

What are you reading now?
“The Chief,” a biography of William Randolph Hurst by David Nasaw

What are some of your most cherished collectibles?
From paperweights, scarves, etiquette and style books, to my crystal collection

What are your most-prized possessions?
My vintage SKE12 Jaguar and an antique music box

What is your favorite getaway?
Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, Calif., it is rated the top hotel in North America. It is small and quiet with no TV.

Who is your favorite diva?
Renee Fleming because besides being an extraordinary artist, she is in touch with herself, personal and fun.

What is your favorite charity?
Names Project, I was president.

What do people not know about you?
That I love Blue Bell Ice Cream with homemade fudge sauce. H

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