Forever Dyno-mite

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Forever Dyno-mite
By Shyla Batliwalla

They’ve got skills, looks, and attitude—the Dynamo Girls are hotter than ever as we enter the playoffs. The girls dance our city’s two-time champion winning soccer team, Houston Dynamo, on to victory time and time again. More than just fearless females in sexy outfits, the squad consists of teachers, grad students, full-time mothers, and more. Performing in front of thousands of fans each week, the Dynamo Girls have moves that will make grown men weep and their wives green with envy. Captain Karie says, “We have the best fans in Houston. With the Texian Army on one side and El Batallon on the other, it’s just insanity. When we hit the field the energy hits a whole new level.” The talent-filled team hails from diverse dance backgrounds from the NFL, NBA, WNBA, AFL2, and AHL to first-time pros. Beyond the field, the Dynamo Girls make a positive impact on fellow Houstonians through their countless community service events. Head to the next Houston Dynamo game to see them boogie to Britney and do that oh-so famous hair flip.

Photo by Angelique Cook

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