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Finding YOUR perfect bathing suit

Perfect Size
First, pinpoint your body’s shape; it makes bathing suit shopping much easier. Whether it is a one-piece, bikini or tankini there are suits made specifically for apple, pear, boy and athletic builds. “The three key words you need to keep in mind are color, construction and cut,” says Stephanie Talafuse, owner of Premiere Swimwear. “A well-chosen swimsuit can shed pounds off your body.”

Women have the tendency to focus on size rather than fit, which makes them look bigger. When trying on a suit, get several different sizes: grab a size larger, one that is smaller and one that is your size. If it creates bulges it’s too small. Sit, turn around, stretch, lift your arms and make sure parts of the body don’t pop out unexpectedly. Nothing is worse than coming out of the water with private areas showing.

The cut is just as important as the size. Avoid a bathing suit you don’t feel comfortable wearing. While a bikini looks great on your friend, it might not be perfect for you. Try on different styles to see which cut is the most flattering on your body. Here are a few tips for different body styles:

Large Backside and Legs
Cut: full coverage
bikini bottom
Color/Shade: any
Print: solids or large
Avoid: small prints, boy shorts

Large Busts
Cut: wide straps, halter tops, deep V-necks
Color/Shade: dark
Print: large
Avoid: spaghetti straps, bandeau

Small Busts
Cut: triangular bikini top
Color/Shade: Any
Embellishments: ruffles, ties, buckles, ringlets
Avoid: haltertops, one-piece

Flabby Stomach Cut: boycut shorts, tankinis, one-piece
Color/Shade: dark bottom, light top
Print: large prints, florals, vertical stripes
Avoid: horizontal stripes

After choosing the right cut and size, focus on style. Just like shoes and clothes, bathing suits have trends.

Color and Print:
Retro is hot this season. “Halter tops, sweetheart necklines, bandeau tops, prints and mixed vivid colors are everywhere,” Talafuse says. Also, geometric prints, vintage floral, asymmetry and one-shoulder styles are a must for 2008. Many jungle prints are featured in several trendy new collections and include giraffe, tiger and leopard. Make a bold statement by wearing something colorful or bright.

Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret have made cut-out swimsuit a must-have. They are sexier than a one-piece, provide more coverage than a bikini and don’t expose every asset.

Details are very popular. Crystals, beads, semi-precious stones and anything gold are hot. Also, look for fringe, appliqué and bows that adorn swimsuit bottoms and tops. The more details on a bathing suit, the less you have to accessorize when out in the hot sun.

There are many department stores and boutiques around town carrying this season’s hottest looks. Update your wardrobe and uplift your spirits with the right suit.

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