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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It is also the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women, yet many people don’t think about donating to breast cancer charities until Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At that time, we open our checkbooks and donate. What many of us don’t know is there are everyday things we can do to aid in the fight against breast cancer. From grocery shopping to recycling, everyday events take on a whole new meaning.

Grocery shopping
You can donate to the fight against breast cancer while you do your weekly grocery shopping. Here in Houston, there are three grocery store chains that offer community programs in which a portion of your purchase is donated to aid The Rose, a non-profit breast healthcare center that offers cancer screening, diagnosis and support to women of all socioeconomic levels. Link your Randalls Remarkable Card to The Rose (The Rose’s number is 891), use your Kroger Share card (available at The Rose) or present The Rose ID number (124310) with your Gerland’s customer advantage card to help aid the fight against breast cancer. (281) 484-4708, www.the-rose.org

Donating printer cartridges
Got ink? Donate your used printer cartridges to Janet Baker’s “Pink in the Ink” program and aid The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Houston Affiliate, a foundation dedicated to advancing research, education, screening and treatments of breast cancer through grant programs that fund basic and clinical research. Just donate your empty, expired or unused inkjet, laser jet and fax cartridges. Baker’s company, EPI Services Inc., will sell donated cartridges to re-manufacturing companies and donate the money to the Komen Houston Affiliate. (713) 783-9188, www.pinkintheink.com

Giving gifts
Having trouble picking out a gift? Fret no more! With the Breast Cancer Alliance, your gift can help fight breast cancer. Make a donation in someone’s honor or to mark a special day, such as a birthday or anniversary. A card will be sent to your special someone in recognition of your donation, making gift giving a snap. Donations to the Breast Cancer Alliance make a wonderful gift and help to aid a needy cause. www.breastcanceralliance.org H

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