Catch the Washington Wave

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The Washington Wave, Houston’s 1st Official Jitney Service in 15 years, makes mobility between popular cultural, entertainment, residential and business destinations within the Washington Avenue District easy, affordable and safe with a growing fleet of buses and centralized parking on Houston Avenue. The Wave is on a mission to change Houstonian’s perception of public transportation by promoting the ease of movement, encouraging transit use and enhancing existing public transportation systems, while also reducing congestion and improving public safety.

The Washington Wave is a locally owned, private, officially permitted “jitney” service company created to enhance the economic urban development of the Washington Corridor while helping to improve public safety, enhance residential and business development, and improve the quality of life within the City of Houston Super Neighborhood 22. The jitney services patrons who park in their 450-space parking lot on Houston Avenue as well as pedestrians in the area who “wave.”

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