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KHOU launches “Great Day Houston”

Stay tuned to KHOU Channel 11 for Houston’s very own morning talk show. “Great Day Houston” will be a one-hour program starting March 6 at 9 a.m. Covering everything “Houston,” this new program will focus on life in the Bayou City, from fashion to restaurants, events to celebrities, relationships to gardening.

Space City, USA, hasn’t had a morning show since the city’s beloved Debra Duncan switched gears back to the news, and the “Debra Duncan Show” ended four years ago. “I felt Houston viewers lost a great deal with the end of the ‘Debra Duncan Show,'” says Michael Hubberd, supervising producer of KHOU’s new program. “Over the past four years, I think there has been a real void for viewers and local businesses and resources alike. Houston is the fourth largest city in America and the No. 10 media market – It was a no-brainer to create this program to meet the demands of our local viewers and to give Houston a voice again for its rich cultural and lifestyle activities.”

With this new show, Houston is able to welcome a new personality – Whitney Casey. Previously with CNN’s “Headline News” and currently a contributor to Star and Celebrity Living magazines, Whitney, a New Yorker, has taken the leap south to host “Great Day Houston.” A tall and slender slice of true personality, Whitney is eager to start viewers’ days on the right foot. Hilarious and endearing at the same time, this effervescent blond bombshell should be able to give audiences a unique perspective into everyday life in the Bayou City.

Alongside Whitney, audiences will be happy to see a familiar face in reporter Cristina Terrill. Formerly with KTBU Channel 55 The Tube’s “Wild About Houston,” Cristina offers an insider’s look at what’s happening in Houston. Fresh-faced and sincere, she not only provides an experienced eye as the girl about town, but also a sweet unassuming individuality with which viewers are sure to fall in love. With a team of professionals that rivals any nationwide syndicated talk show, “Great Day Houston” is sure to be a success – so tune in!

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