Backstage With Beyonce

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Backstage with Beyonce

What do performers see at Reliant Stadium before they take the stage? We headed behind the scenes to find out. There’s a band lounge and an entourage lounge, but the biggest and the best is reserved for the gold star performer. When Beyonce Knowles was in town for the rodeo, she had very specific requests to make her stay comfortable. Her list of needs, or rider as it is called, included candles, Pepsi, flowers and some terrific food. We gave the rider to Bennie Ferrel catering and asked them to prepare us a meal Beyonce style. We got: grilled chicken over spaghetti squash, green beans, asparagus, and a spicing sautéed mushroom and green onion sauce to go on top of the chicken. All in all, as long as Beyonce?s wishes are met, the people in Houston are bound to have a stellar performance. Do you think she got the same treatment during the Super Bowl. Or did Janet Jackson have a better suite?


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