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2002 Houston’s Best Bartenders

by Phaedra Friend and Rob Folk

When Houstonians want to step out for a night on the town, chances are they?ll be stepping into one of the many fine bars, clubs, lounges and taverns scattered throughout the city. On the following pages, we have assembled five individuals who take bartending to a new level. Stop in and see them, and you?ll be glad you did.

pete mattocks
spill lounge

signature drink: flaming dr. pepper (beer, Amaretto and 151)
favorite night spot: gatsby
favorite pastime: breathing fire
timmy todd moore
outback pub

signature drink: snow cone (shot of Tuaca, Malibu rum, orange juice and pineapple juice)
favorite night spot: Cabo
favorite quote: ?If you?re not part of the staff or sleeping with the staff, it?s time to get the hell out.?
kelley andrews
little woodrows – village

signature drink: snakebite (ace pear cider and Guinness)
favorite night spot: gingerman
favorite quote: ?Beauty is only a light switch away.?
tl thompson
big texas dance hall & saloon

signature drink: bend me over (shot of Crown, Amaretto and sweet & sour)
favorite night spot: Sherlock?s Pub, Clear Lake
worst thing to say to a bartender: hook me up
anthony orlando
boaka bar/mercury room

signature drink: swedish monk (martini with Frangelica and Absolut with a sugared rim)
favorite night spot: Gatsby
favorite quote: ?I?d like to buy those two blondes at the end of the bar drinks.?

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