Behind the Scenes with La Mafia

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Oscar de la rosa La Mafia

Next year in 2005 La Mafia will be celebrating 25 years together. Despite some confusion, the band has not broken up. “I think a lot of people confused us taking a break to the band breaking up. All we did was take some time off. We were working too much; and after doing it for so long, you want to take some time to just relax and do other things,” says Oscar De la Rosa.

They’ve got two new albums on the streets right now. And it wasn’t easy. “That’s where all hard work comes when a new album is released. You have to do all the interviews. It takes months just to put it all together,” he says.

There will be a lot of new music for the fans – definitely.

Look for De la Rosa on a billboard near you. “I am the spokesperson for the Latino market for the Red Cross. They approached me, and I was excited to take part in being the spokesman. And I’m going to be doing PSA, letting the Hispanic community know what the Red Cross has to offer.”

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