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June 1, 2005 by  
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It’s fun to spice up your look with a couple of summer beauty trends. The key to looking fabulous this summer is color, color, color. Don’t be shy — colors like coral, bronze and rose perfectly complement this season’s fresh look.

1. Always wear sunblock! (The minimum you can get away with is SPF 15.)
2. Instead of blush this summer, brush on a bit of bronzer for a healthy, sun-kissed look.
3. Dewy, moist makeup is the way to go. (Don’t pick matte colors!)
4. Go light. With Houston heat, ease up on the amount of makeup you apply — you don’t want to melt in the summer sun.
5. Remember, add a little color — lip gloss, bronzer and eye shadows are perfect ways to brighten any day.

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