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Disaster kit has everything you need – except batteries

How can Houstonians ever forget the 2005 hurricane season? Whether you found yourself helping those ravaged by the devastation of Katrina or stuck in gridlock trying to flee Rita, residents of southeast Texas are now mindful of being prepared for natural disasters and the importance of having an emergency kit ready at all times.

Emergency kits should contain everything you’ll need during a disaster in a handy, secure spot in your home or office. Now there’s a convenient way to achieve this: the Ready Freddy bag. The Ready Freddy bag has everything you’ll need to weather the next storm – except batteries. That’s because although the kit contains a flashlight, emergency radio and emergency cell phone power kit, none of these items rely on batteries, which risk losing their charge after prolonged storage. Instead, the items are powered by hand, either cranking a handle or shaking the flashlight back and forth. This ensures the items will be ready when you need them.

The kit also includes everything else you’ll need for shelter, protection, first aid, food and water – and even a deck of playing cards to help pass the time. A partial list of items includes: duct tape, rope, gloves, gas shutoff tool, multi-tool, plastic sheeting, candles, waterproof matches, blankets and a disaster preparedness guide.

The best part is that all the items are stored in a handy backpack and clearly labeled, ready for the day when you need it the most.

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