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Sunday Supper “Alla Famiglia” Honors Houston’s Treasures

Consummate hosts Tony and Donna Vallone invited a distinct group of Houstonians to join them for Sunday Supper. Their guest list included supporters of “The Social Book” and select media personalities. The special celebration honored The Social Book’s 2009 Houston Treasures. Treasures are remarkable Houstonians who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to philanthropy, volunteerism, the arts, medicine, business, media or politics. Past winners include: Becca Cason Thrash, Dr. Michael DeBakey and Barbara and President George H. W. Bush.

New Executive Chef Francesco Casetta wowed guests with family-style servings of pasta, vegetables, meats and cheeses; Mr. Vallone personally fashioned each meatball by hand. The traditional Italian dinner included five fabulous courses served by Tony’s award winning wait staff.

The 2009 Houston Treasures are: Jan Carson Connolly, Diane Gendel, Joanne King Herring, Maryann &Jodie Hoffer, Patty Hubbard, Don Jordan, the Kickerillo family, Melanie Lawson, Ann Sakowitz, Lester &Sue Smith, Nancy &Dr. James Willerson, Fred Zeidman and Ron Stone (posthumously).

Donna and Tony Vallone; Philamenia Baird and Joanne King Herring


Traditional Italian menus have five sections. A full meal usually consists of an appetizer, first course, a second course with a side dish, followed by desert.

Tortellini Modenese
Pennette Genovese
Gnocchi ai Porcini

(The first course is traditionally a pasta, soup, or risotto)


Intermezzo roughly translates into a brief interlude in the dinner (a scoop of homemade sorbet) or in this case, the meatball — fashioned by Tony himself.

Rollatini di Vitello alla Marsala
Cernia Agrumi

Second courses in traditional Italian dinners often consist of meat, poultry, or fish.

Fagiolini Ammollicata
Parmigiana di Melanzane

The Side Dishes – Contorni: This can be a vegetable (verdura), potato, or salad (insalata).

Dolci: Desserts

At the end of your meal, you will be offered dolce. Sometimes there may be a choice of fruit (often whole fruit served in a bowl for you to select what you want) or cheeses. After dessert, you will be offered cafe or a digestivo (after dinner drink).

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