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Roger Creager packs them in at the still un-air-conditioned Greune Hall; the oldest dance hall in Texas. Most of the band members look new, but one thing remains the same. Roger gives his all each time he takes the stage. The energy and enthusiasm bubbles over as he belts such tunes as “Got the Guns” and “Having Fun All Wrong.”

“I wrote this song for a girl who broke my heart.” he encourages the audience, “oh, you’ve met her?” he says above cat calls as he sings the retaliatory “I’m better than you.”

In 2003 Creager told H Texas that his sponsorship with ZiegenBoch and Anheuser Busch made him feel that, although he hadn’t arrived yet, he was getting there. Does a sold out Greune hall and a new sponsorship from Bud Light mean he’s arrived. What’s in his hand wasn’t the only change we noted; he’s also sporting a shiny new wedding ring.

Thankfully, he knows what works and isn’t looking to change: closing with “Ever clear” and bringing dad on stage for “Rancho Grande.” Pretty good for a guy from Corpus Christi.

Creager was hard to spot the next day as he loaded into a bus to tube down the Guadalupe River. If we hadn’t recognized his brother and wife, he would’ve slipped right by us. Laurette Veres

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