La Colombe D’ Or

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Restaurant Week “Colombe D’Or”

La Colombe D’Or is one of the restaurants you forget about. It’s big and beautiful and in the heart of Montrose, yet it is easily overlooked for more casual options. So, when I saw their Restaurant Week offering, I knew it was time to return. The dining room at La Colombe D’Or’s elegant sophistication sets the stage for a phenomenal three-course meal. Selections here are top notch and plentiful. We started with the Escargot- a helping of seven with fresh garlic and parsley. The traditional French Onion soup provides a generous portion. The hazelnut-crusted chicken breast is tasty and moist. It is served with angle hair pasta and vegetables. Dessert is New York cheesecake and crème brulee. 3410 Montrose Blvd; (713) 524-7999.

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