Valobra Master Jewelers of Houston Debuts Exclusive Palmiero Italian Jewelry Collection

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World-renown jewels available exclusively in the US at Valobra until December 20, 2011

Houston (December 12, 2011) – Valobra Master Jewelers’ Houston location is premiering one of Italy’s most coveted brands, Palmiero Jewellery Design, for the first time in the United States.

Known for their precious stones, exquisitely-assembled colored diamonds, and the intricate attention to detail of each piece, Palmiero designs are truly pieces of art. This one-of-a-kind haute couture jewelry collection is available for a limited-time engagement from now until December 20th, and is showcased exclusively at Valobra.

The stunning collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins and broaches feature precious white, black, green, blue, yellow, and purple diamonds, sapphires with the most unusual shades of blue, pink and yellow, intense topazes, brilliant rubellites, and sparkling rubies, all expertly crafted to create unmistakable chromatic mixtures that speak the language of art.

Included in the prestigious Palmiero collection on exhibit at Valobra is the award-winning Optical Necklace. The 78.98 carat diamond necklace won The Best Fashionable Jewellery category at the Premier Middle East Watches, Jewellery & Pens Award in Bahrain.

“Given the high caliber of service and attention to detail offered by Valobra Master Jewelers, Carlo Palmiero decided we were the perfect retail outlet to carry his unique, exclusive collection,” said Franco Valobra, owner of Valobra Master Jewelers.

Until now, Carlo Palmiero’s extraordinary contemporary pieces have only been available in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland and Qatar. Because each piece of art in the line cannot be easily replicated due to the extensive craftsmanship, all items are guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.
Valobra Master Jewelers is located at 4078 Westheimer. 713-961-4500

About Palmiero Jewellery Designs

Palmiero represents one of the most coveted and in demand brands in the international jewelry panorama. Timeless shapes, jewels and even more. It’s all about exercising style, excellence of ideas, and evolution of shapes. These jewels are dedicated to those women with strong personalities, who are ready to be noticed.

Haute couture jewels that speak the language of sculpture through vocabulary proper to the artists, who mould the precious materials to give them soul.

Palmiero has raised the diamonds and the natural stones to their maximum level; he conceived it with strong colours to get the luxurious “arlecchino” effects or fading, thus creating fabulous optical effects.

Gold is molded using the same process: he drapes it, he curves it, taming it to the will of his inspirations, crossing the fleeting borders that divide handicraft and art. Carlo Palmiero the epitomy of top quality and creativity, authentically haut de gamme and authentically made in Italy.

About Valobra Master Jewelers  

Since 1905, Valobra Master Jewelers has been creating and offering spectacular jewelry, designed and manufactured in Italy. Valobra Master Jewelers offers a magnificent collection of estate, antique, and vintage jewels, vintage and modern watches, and top quality art from Italy.

Valobra’s jewelry collection is among the finest in the world with beautifully set rare gems, pearls, and precious metals. Valobra offers classic design and original creations with contemporary touches, all with a distinctive and sophisticated flair.

Valobra features unique and beautiful antiques from around the world. The antique collection also comprises one-of-a kind paintings, unique objects d’art, and the most spectacular collection of Venetian chandeliers from Italy.

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