Taha’a, Tahiti

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Taha’a, Tahiti

Few paradise-esque destinations match the intimate seclusion and lavish luxury of the island of Taha’a.

Located on its own little Polynesian islet, or motu, Le Taha’a Resort and Spa sits off the coast of Taha’a. A short flight from Moorea to Raiatea and a private water taxi ride take you to this extravagant resort. The grounds are exquisite—expertly manicured sand and tropical vegetation flourish. Top-of-the-line guestrooms, decadent restaurants, and extravagant bars pepper the picturesque landscape. The lobby resembles an outrigger with a large sail extending two stories. On the second level, you’ll find the bar—the central point between the two signature restaurants. The spa’s treatment rooms are little huts over looking an inland lagoon. Snorkel through the coral gardens to neighboring motus for an unparalleled adventure; just sitting back and enjoying the view in this Polynesian paradise is hard to beat.

If your ultimate Tahitian fantasy is an over-the-water experience, you’ll adore the striking water bungalows. Constructed of bamboo with thatched roofs overhead, the bungalows have tribal carvings etched into the woodwork and canoe-shaped bathtubs. Two glass panels let you watch the fish from inside the privacy of your bedroom. One large glass box spans the width of the queen size bed; another is next to the bathtub—both open for you to feed the fish. Each hut is strategically positioned so you cannot see any other man made structure. At least a hundred yards from shore the view consists of crystal-clear water, uninhabited motus, and the big island of Bora Bora. The spacious patio has lounge chairs and a little outdoor hut, or fare pote to take in the view.

This distinctive part of Tahiti is best explored through an island tour. Pearl farms, vanilla plantations, and rainforests are hidden throughout the island. Head out on the muddy, slippery roads in a four-wheel drive, open-air tour truck decked out in flowers.

Dine at Chez Louise for an unexpected culinary indulgence. You may be the only customers in the small restaurant. But owner Louise, her husband, brother, and 22-year old son—none of whom speak English—will take care of your every need. When you ask for a wine list; a bottle of white wine will appear. You won’t receive a menu, but the rich aroma of delicious food will overwhelm your senses. Soon over-flowing platters of lobster, shrimp, tuna steaks, slaw with raw tuna, rice, and bread are on the table. You’ll leave the restaurant contented by delectable fresh seafood and smiling at your discovery of a rare lost gem.

For an exceptional romantic destination visit Taha’a for an island escape of uninterrupted blissfulness.



Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa

(689) 60 84 00


Vaipoe Tour

(689) 65 60 83

-Laurette Veres
photo: Tom Flynn

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