Six Saturdays on St. Lucia

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Nestled comfortably among its well-known Caribbean neighbors, Martinique and Barbados, St. Lucia sits in its own pocket of paradise. Upon approach, this active volcanic island rises above the horizon, the peaks of the Pitons appearing as the stars of this show.

The other stars are Almond’s Smuggler’s Cove and Morgan Bay all-inclusive resorts. These recently refurbished properties offer everything fun in the sun.

Smuggler’s Cove is a secluded village-style resort smothered in lush tropical gardens. Guests can take romantic strolls along an exclusive moonlit beach or among the dimly lit gardens and pool areas. The nearby Morgan Bay resort property is a bit more traditional offering the same excellent all-inclusive amenities.

The many on-site restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisine and ranges from casual to elegant dining. The can’t-miss place to eat is The Great House located in the adjacent plantation house near Smuggler’s Cove. Sitting atop a hill, The Great House offers a romantic setting as you bathe in sunsets, soft music and a sample the succulence of superior St. Lucian cuisine.

If you’re into exploring the island, then you won’t be disappointed. A half-day boat ride along the island’s west side and you’ll encounter St. Lucia’s beauty marks, the Pitons. Once a part of the rim of a great volcano, the two towering peaks are all that remains.

Next stop, Sulfur Springs to venture into the volcano. It’s one of few drive-in volcanoes in the world which makes this an easy adventure for all types of travelers. The scent of tropical plant life takes a back seat to the overpowering odor of sulfur bubbling up from the earth’s belly.

St. Lucia is known for many crops but probably best known for their sugar and cocoa bean production. Visit Soufriere’s Fond Doux Estate and you’ll witness cocoa bean processing first hand…or feet. Steve, a budding plant worker, says that 90 percent of their processed cocoa beans make their way to Hershey, Pennsylvania for candy production.

While at the Estate you can sample the local cuisine at their restaurant. If you feel you’d like to stay the night, the former plantation house is a B & B as well. Lionita makes her daily rounds picking fresh flowers used to adorn each secluded garden guest house.

Visitors to St. Lucia will spontaneously slip into seaside submission. Whether you like to simply sunbathe on a beach or zip– line your way across a jungle, you’ll quickly understand why the locals say ‘every day is Saturday on the island’.

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