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Spas across the country are offering their own version of B & Bs. But, at the MOKARA spa at the Omni Hotel in Houston, B&B stands for Brow Designs and Blow Outs. Typically, you would have the brow boot camp and the blow out simultaneously.  The brow boot camp is completely customized based on the state of your brows. The blow out bar styles can be customized based on your lifestyle, or whether or not you are on your way to a special event.

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Brow Boot Camp According to Spa Director Laura Latronico, “The brow design experience is a definite way to enhance any woman’s face, in a fashion-forward, non-invasive atmosphere.” First, meet with a brow specialist who leads “boot camp” for unruly brows. The shape of your face and brows are analyzed and shapelier brows are designed. She pencils in your new shape, showing proper angle or arch. If applicable, a “no-tweeze zone” is identified.

NuFACE Facial Toning True magic happens via “NuFace.” Some call this handheld device a “Pilates trainer for your face.” The tiny machine delivers small electronic pulses to the forehead, eyebrows, and upper and outer eye, re-educating muscles and giving tired eyes a lift.

Blow Out Bar Treat yourself to a shampoo and blow dry. We all know our hair looks best when coifed by an expert. This is a perfect pick-me-up for active spa goers.

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