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Carefree Colorado Canyon

Enjoy a honeymoon in the wild out doors.  Jessica Darensbourg goes deep.

Miles and miles of breathtaking landscape welcome honeymooners to Kessler Canyon. Located on the western slope of the Colorado Rock Mountains, only 45 minutes east of Grand Junction, this canyon offers an adventurous getaway for the bride and groom.

With over 23,000 acres of beautiful Western landscape, Kessler Canyon seeks travelers ready to awaken their daring spirits. Originally a private ranch, the Homestead now invites guests to relax and engulf themselves in nature’s true beauty.

Greeted by the friendly staff of Kessler Canyon, all guests feel right at home. After checked-in, enjoy the scenery with a walk around the ranch and immerse in the true picture of nature. After a long day of traveling, you are sure to drift away to nature’s music of whistling trees and animal callings.

Arise the next morning greeted by the smell of fresh, home-style cooking by the one and only, Chef Lenny and his sous chef, Buck. Chef Lenny will satisfy your favorite food cravings; he’s also good for entertainment, and a few laughs. Chef Lenny and Buck will surprise your taste buds with a resort guest favorite  – Candied Bacon, or biscuits and gravy, made like the cowboys did in cast-iron pans. Planning on a daring hike that day, ask Chef Lenny to pack you a lunch unlike anything your momma ever made you for school. Enjoy a stacked sandwich with fresh fruit, a drink and of course, a side of bacon. After a long day of fun in the sun, freshen up for a family style dinner. Meet and greet other guests as you experience new types of foods like Mountain Lion, a ranch favorite captured by the Kessler family themselves, or trout, personally fished out by Chef Lenny. Your taste buds will be singing as you finish up the meal with a chocolate cake topped with a peanut butter mousse. But the fun does not stop there, Chef Lenny transforms into his entertainer alter ego, The Black Mamba. Relish in cowboy songs near the campfire. With canyons surrounding you while you sit around the fire listening to The Black Mamba sing, you will truly be lost in this awe-inspiring outdoor setting.

Opportunities are endless when it comes to daily activities for you and your sweetie. Travel 8,000 feet high as you wind up the side of the mountain on an ATV tour. You take control with this courageous drive, seeing wildlife and a 360 degree view of the entire Kessler Canyon property. But remember what goes up, must come down. The thrilling ride down the mountain provides perfect photo opportunities.

Shooting, hunting and fishing are an experience everyone can learn to enjoy. With the certified staff at Kessler Canyon, everyone can learn to shoot a gun. Skeet shooting is available for everyone from beginners to experienced shooters.  Stay amongst one of the immaculate accommodations for a hunting getaway, including the perfect location to start off your big game hunting and bird hunting. After a long day of hunting, enjoy a gourmet meal freshly prepared from the day’s catch. If fishing is more your forte, take a swing at fly fishing in the lake and try catching this evening’s meal. With the outdoors as your playground, Kessler Canyon provides numerous activities, for you to get in touch with your outdoorsy side.

With Kessler Canyon held so dear to the Kessler family’s heart, they welcome each and every one of their guests to come experience the beauty at this grandiose canyon.  As their motto reads, and they fully believe, every guest will be “Moved, Challenged, and Changed” when visiting this truly awe-inspiring ranch. Whether it is getting in touch with your courageous side and trying something new, or just taking in the musical styling of the canyon, every guest can enjoy this retreat to Colorado.

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