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BODY, Santa Fe

An emphasis on healing and wellness has always attracted people to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Trend-setting BODY is a destination for well-being and health, offering massage, classes and an organic café and boutique. Massages are customized to individual needs by the healers who deliver them.

What’s Hot Now?

Eat Raw If you have been afraid to jump on the raw food train, BODY’s organic café is the perfect place to tempt your palate. The menu pushes the envelope with tantalizing vegan, raw and organic options. Don’t miss the raw enchilada; it is surprisingly enchilada-like. A tortilla is created from a dehydrated puree of veggies. Amazingly spicy, the red chile sauce will trick your taste buds into thinking they are in the Mexican Riviera.

Nia Short for “neuro-muscular integrative action,” is a mixture of martial arts, yoga and dance. Sessions begin with deep-breathing exercises set to soft music. Movements are slow and steady. As the music gradually speeds up, so do the ballroom dance-type steps (heel-toe-slide-dip). “Sometimes you vocalize,” says Spa Services Manager Lynse Rubin. During a Tae kwondo-style kick, you might be asked to emit a “huh!” or shout “yes” while throwing your arms skyward. “It’s touchy-feely and playful,” comments Rubin, who adds that this is their most popular new class.

BODY;  505-986-0362


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