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I just flew from Houston to London in the new and improved Business First Class cabin.  I’m happy to report it’s awesome. Awesome in the things I care about: seats, entertainment and dining.

First and foremost, the seats. They have adjustable leg rests and lumbar support. And the really great news, they fully recline.  Yes, the leg rest comes up and the back goes down until the seat is horizontal. Horizontal! This is a vast improvement over the old seats where you were almost horizontal but not quite. Now I can get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep.

As if fully reclining is not enough, the new seats are more like personal kiosks.  Next to the headrest is a small holding area you can easily stash your valuables and reading material. You will also find an international electrical outlet.  After years of promise, finally you can work on your laptop – or ipad or other electronic device and not be limited by the battery life.

The entertainment system has also been improved.  The screen is bigger and it is not attached to your seat.  It is actually in front of the seat on top of two personal storage areas.  (note: if you are tall, the top storage area becomes part of your horizontal bed). HUH?

The movie experience begins as soon as you take your seat. You can watch movies, television, classics and more- when you want to watch them.  You are in charge of your own kiosk and what is playing’

Now let’s get to the food.  Food service has always been a major production on International flights, and continues to be the cornerstone of the experience at Continental today.  Houston celebrity chef Bryan Caswell has been tapped to create some of the culinary offerings. His hot appetizers start the dining marathon; choose from soup, chicken skewers or pot stickers.  Next, generous salads and hot rolls lead up to the main course, tilapia and green beans.  The meal finishes with a selection of cheeses and cordials followed by ice cream sundaes.

The upgrade is noticeable.

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