Rose Ribbon

September 5, 2008 by  
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(Upper Kirby District)

Black and White and Red all Over

Story Laurette M. Veres; photography Herb Hochman

The most beautiful women in Houston donned black, white and roses in support of the Rose Ribbon Foundation.  International author Jo Barrett entertained the crowd pointing out that women are natural storytellers.  This afternoon’s story was of survivors.  The Rose Ribbon Foundation is a 501c(3) that provides post cancer reconstruction to uninsured cancer patients.

When  September 4, 2008


Carolyn Farb, Mary Ann McKeithan, Robin Reimer, Mauney Mafrige, Betty Tutor, Astrid Van Dyke, Dr. Lucho Rossman, Dr. Larry Hollier, Jessica Meyer Tena Faust and Cindy Garza.









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