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The Ritz Carlton Company continues to push the envelope.  Tom Hays is the first and only Wellness Concierge at the company.  From his home base at The Ritz Carlton club and Residences in Vail, Colorado, he says “wellness is very high on people’s list of what’s important to them.”  The seed of the Wellness Concierge concept is to anticipate needs.

There are so many trends; from Hot yoga, Pilates, P90X to Tracy Anderson, active spa goers have their own routine.  “We cannot provide all of those things internally, so our concept is to provide solutions,” he says.  “I do not teach Pilates, but I will schedule it for you.” And so it goes, Hays consults with guests on such topics as nutrition, allergies, and diet restrictions.  “When you come to the Ritz, you should not have to change the lifestyle you are in the course of living,” he says.  At the same time, Hays and his team help guests explore new healthy options as well.


What’s hot right now?

Poolside Yoga.  “Sun salutations should take the cue from the early morning sun,” says Tom Hays.  When the sun is low in the sky, the temperature is cooler.  “We salute the sun with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop,” says Hays.


Body Sculpting.  An older crowd attends this class because the focus is not on lifting weights, but using your own body’s weight as resistance.  The class if filled with push-ups, pull-ups, planks and balancing on the stability ball.  This low-key class doesn’t result in high sweat, rather, it focuses on neuromuscular training, injury prevention, toning and definition as opposed to physical, functional training.



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