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By Lynn Ashby 23 Feb. 2015  — No, this one is in deep East Texas, a pleasant little town and the Gateway to Alto. But don’t tell anyone I’m here, especially the Texas Legislature. Let’s start at the beginning. Remember the Alamo? That is a question, not a battle cry. The old mission will soon be the One World Government HQ or maybe a branch of the Trilateral Commission. This is the fear of a prominent and thoughtful Texas elected leader, Sen. Donna Campbell, Republican of New Braunfels, whom I had never heard of before. She is afraid that the Alamo will fall under United Nations command and control so the ramparts will be watched o’re by blue berets. The Alamo and other San Antonio missions have been nominated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO. An international panel will vote on the nomination in June. Inclusion on the list may allow a country to receive financial assistance to support its preservation activities. The host would remain property of the country, or in this case, the people of Texas. Getting on this list is really flattering in that our missions would join the Taj Mahal, the Acropolis, the Kremlin and Red Square, Chartres Cathedral and the pyramids among other world-renowned places and structures. There are currently 22 sites in the U.S. that are on the World Heritage list, including the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon. We can only wonder why our boys didn’t make the cut earlier. Some might think this is a great recognition for the Lone Star State, but Sen. Campbell saw through this takeover. She filed Senate Bill 191 to ban foreign entities from owning, controlling or managing the historical landmark. Campbell explained she wrote the bill as an extra measure to ensure the security of the Alamo’s ownership. “The Alamo is the story of Texas,” the lawmaker said. “It should always be maintained and cared for by Texas.” Campbell said she is not opposed to the Alamo being designated as a World Heritage Site, but – and here is the unarguable reason — “UNESCO starts with U.N.” I, for one, side with the lady from New Braunfels (which, by the way, is a name containing UN). This is transparent way for those One Worlders, no doubt in cahoots with Henry Kissinger and the International House of Pancakes, to get their paws on Texas’ version of Lourdes. Oh sure, they sweetened the pot by saying, “Inclusion on the list may allow a country to receive financial assistance to support its preservation activities.” A conservative like Ms. Campbell, who is also a member of the tea party, should welcome some of that UN money coming to Texas, but she can’t be bribed. Want more ammunition, the ghosts of Crockett, Travis and Bowie? Campbell said ominously, “If anybody is disturbed by my bill then I would have to wonder if there’s something that they know that I don’t know that puts the Alamo at risk.” Exactly! What do they know that they are not telling us? What secret meetings, handshakes and hidden codes is UNESCO using to grab our mission? Some lefties might say this alarm smacks of paranoia. I call it a healthy skepticism of every person, pyramid and large canyon. Wait. Are those black helicopters? The honorable senator from the German-speaking town of New Braunfels is correct in saying, “It should always be maintained and cared for by Texas.” But as any Texan knows, for more than a century the Alamo was maintained and cared for by the Spanish and then more years by the Mexicans. Indeed, when the Texians (as they called themselves then) commandeered the complex in 1836 the Mexican Army got a tad mad and spent 13 days taking it back. Since then the complex has been maintained and sometimes cared for by the city of San Antonio, the Catholic Church, the U.S. Army and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Today it is the charge of the General Land Office. But who exactly is this General Land Office? General of what army? The Spanish? Maybe the Mexican Army re-re-took the Alamo one night and didn’t tell anyone. If you saw the movie, “Viva Max,” you’ll know. The next time you are in San Antonio, see if anybody there speaks Spanish. . Again, I support Sen. Campbell in her crusade, and only wish she would continue to root out takeovers of our beloved land. For example, we know hundreds of thousands of people from out of state have moved here. Have they seized control of our towns and renamed them for places back home like Detroit, Cleveland, Colorado City and Denver City? How really Texan are the residents of Klondike, Nevada, Memphis and Miami? It might be even worse. Has UNESCO turned our wonderful towns into one big Security Council? Oh, ye citizens of Athens, Canadian, China and Egypt, do your students still recite the Texas Pledge of Allegiance? In what language, and do they keep their fingers crossed when saying it? Sen. Campbell, call out the Texas Rangers, or are they, too, now wearing blue berets? Go to Ireland and to Italy, Turkey, London, New London, Paris, and never leave Texas. The UN doesn’t need to visit the Middle East to check on the Palestinian situation. Try Anderson County. Have all these places been taken over by an international conspiracy? It may already be too late for Santa Anna, Tennessee Colony, and Alamo. This last one is most suspicious, because there is also Los Alamos. Ring an atomic bell? And it’s in the UNited States. Sen. Campbell, here is a list of obvious codenames. We must have them broken immediately: Frognot, Bigfoot, Hogeye, Cactus, Notrees, Veribest, Kickapoo, Gun Barrel City, Hoop And Holler, Ding Dong and Dime Box. I shall join Sen. Campbell in her pursuit to keep foreigners from taking over Texas. Just don’t tell her I’m in Moscow. Ashby conspires at ashby2@comcast.net

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