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Deer Lake Lodge: 50-Acre Holistic Retreat & First Detox Spa & Wellness Resort in the Southeast US to Open Summer 2012

All-natural resort built with 100% eco-friendly construction  

HOUSTON (February 27, 2012) – Deer Lake Lodge & Spa, an exclusive destination health spa and wellness resort, will promote enhanced living through holistic cleansing and other therapeutic approaches in a relaxing, secluded environment. Scheduled to open early in the summer of 2012, Deer Lake Lodge & Spa will provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience by being the only spa in the Southeast to offer all four services of juice fasting, colonics, body works and energy works.

Located on a 50-acre rustic-chic oasis, only 40 minutes from central Houston and 15 minutes from The Woodlands, the green-construction health haven is a country mile away from stress.

Deer Lake Lodge and Spa’s ideology is to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit through organic spa treatments, juice-fasting programs, colonics, yoga and spiritual enrichment workshops in a tranquil, private setting surrounded by nature. Through these holistic services and treatments, guests of Deer Lake Lodge and Spa will return home not only feeling cleansed and relaxed, but energized and educated about living enhanced and healthier lives. Most participants tend to lose weight during their stay; others simply come away feeling clean, stabilized and invigorated.

Spa amenities include a fasting lounge, heated saltwater pool, jetted spa, infrared sauna, and scenic countryside walking trails. The cleansing program consists of a combination of semi-fasting and therapeutic treatments targeted towards detoxification and elimination. Guests have the option to participate in yoga and attend a variety of seminars on meditation, relaxation, healthy living and other similar topics. In addition, patrons can enhance their experience with the purchase of luxury organic spa accoutrements including:

  • Stimulating hair wash/scalp massage
  • Therapeutic body massages
  • Detoxification body treatments
  • Dry brush massage
  • Body splash massage
  • Organic facial
  • Organic pedicure and exfoliation
  • Organic manicure
  • Foot detoxification
  • Cellulite and skin stimulation
  • Colonics

Every element of the resort is carefully selected and made from all organic or natural materials. From the recycled asphalt and gravel walkways, to the exclusive green-construction facility which includes eight rooms made from repurposed shipping containers, Deer Lake Lodge & Spa is committed to leaving behind the lightest carbon footprint.

The spa uses rain harvesting, low-VOC paint, natural insulation, re-utilization of building materials, FCS lumber, all LED lighting, and low-EMF wiring to promote energy and water conservation efforts. Organic and biocompatible cleaning supplies, spa products and bedding have been chosen to promote optimal health for your body and the earth.

Co-founders of Deer Lake Lodge & Spa, Tracy Boulware and her sister, Dr. T.C. Hughes, N.D., decided there were more sensible ways to improve health rather than simply masking symptoms with solutions that are often toxic to the body. The sisters began to notice a lack of holistic approaches in the market, and after extensive research, they expanded on the concept of a place where spa-goers could enjoy a multi-faceted detoxification program in a resort atmosphere.

According to co-founder of the spa, Tracy Boulware, “We are excited to introduce a new, holistic and relaxing environment for people to reenergize and cleanse their bodies and minds. With the spa located in such a beautiful and natural setting, it was important to me to be as environmentally friendly as possible during construction, and I am thrilled with the end-product.”

Initially, Deer Lake Lodge & Spa will offer one program from Thursday through Sunday; and the resort allows no more than 22 guests at a time, ensuring the highest level of care for each guest. The resort will also be available Sunday-Wednesday for private corporate events and seminars.

Deer Lake Lodge and Spa is located at 10500 Deer Lake Lodge Road, Montgomery, Texas 77316. To make advance accommodations for a weekend getaway, and for pricing options, call 713-590-3771.

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