7.9.2005 Phantom of the Opera

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7.9.2005 I guess it depends what stage of life you?re in when you experience ?The Phantom of the Opera? to determine your reaction. At age 18, I wondered why Christine even lamented over the choice between Raoul and the Phantom. At 27, it hit me: She loved the Phantom because he gave her the gift of music. Today, at 35 the message is even more profound. She loved him for the gift he gave her, and Raoul loved her for the gift she had (?He was bound to love you, when he heard you sing,? sings the Phantom). Christine was willing to overlook the Phantom?s heinous appearance, and stay with him forever in order to save Raoul from the Phantom. Love, womanly instinct, sacrifice and perhaps pity (?the world has never shown you compassion,? she says) all kick in and contribute to her decision.

But the Phantom needed her to perform the music he composed. He fell in love with her when she brought his music to life.

The after party at Zula was attended by the cast, press and friends. Gary Mauer, the Phantom, was casual in jeans and an un-tucked shirt. Kenneth Singer, our Houston manager was stunning in his pink tie. -Laurette Veres

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